Activities in Kodkod

Summer in Kodkod

On sunny days, our terrace is a great place to find shade, surrounded by Nature, with great food and drink. If it is raining, come in to find shelter in a welcoming place, with a warming drink. Why not try our fries? They are home-grown, skins-on, and deliciously crunchy.

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Innovation in wood stoves

Following the experience of our successful workshop series "Let's talk about heating", and faced with the challenge of heating the new pavilion efficiently and conveniently, we ended up installend two stoves based on the principle of the rocket stoves. The stoves work on the principle of providing enough heat and air for efficient burn, while storing the heat generated in the masonrywork of the building for slow release

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A walk in woods is a walk in time

The woods are a classroom in real life, where deep knowledge is there waiting for those with the patience and dedication to discover it. We would like to invite you to take a stroll along this path, and enter our woods. It is an invitation to leave your thoughts and plans behind for a while and really Enter the woods. This is no place for hurrying and no goal awaits you at the end. You will find only the patient wood, marking its own time, living its own rhythm. On your way, we have left you some pointers to help you to read the story of the wood. Most important is that you make your own space here. Whether your interest is in the Diversity of Life or the Oneness of Life, our invitation is simple. Just be.