Peace and quiet in Nature

The most secluded of holiday cabins, this is a private space to be close to nature. Looking out through the trees, you will have constant visits from woodland birds. If you are lucky, this will include the eponymous concon owl, which can sometimes be heard here at night, with its eery calls.

Cabaña Concon

Accommodation includes a double bed downstairs. Upstairs is a low-ceilinged loft, equipped with a double bed, and two single beds. This is an ideal combination for couples with or without children. The stairs are fairly narrow and steep, so we would recommend that children ought to be over the age of 5. The cabin is equipped with an open kitchen/dining area, which opens out with double doors onto a terrace. The call of the concon is a soulful and mysterious sound, typical of night-time in the Chilean forest.

Cabaña Chuncho

This cabin is equipped with 6 single beds together in the low-ceilinged upper floor. A further bed can be made up downstairs on the sofa if required to make the maximum capacity of 7 people. The downstairs is dedicated to the living - kitchen - dining room, with its huge windows, as well as a spacious bathroom. The cabin is named after the little chuncho owl, which can often be seen around here during daylight hours.

Meet some animals

Chuncho owl

One of the few owls that come out during the day

Concon owl

At night in the summer, these can sound really spooky. Listen out for them, they prefer old-growth forest.

Jabalí or Wild boar

Introduced from Europe about 50 years ago, wild boar have felt right at home here.


These mountain lions are the biggest animal you are likely to find around here. They help to keep the hares and rabbits in check.