A great place for a seminar in a space purpose-built for participative learning
A restaurant that cares Simple food, locally produced, cooked well..
The beauty of bioconstruction Eyecatching, innovative, harmonious and well-equipped


Kodkod will turn your great course, workshop or seminar,into an unforgettable experience.

Far from the distractions of modern life, we live and breath with the rhythms of the native forest. Dramatic natural design invites us to go deeper. Round and protecting, the space was designed for participative learning, focused and interactive. We will take care of the details - delicious food, and original breaks, accommodation, and local activities - leaving you free to host the event. All we do is enfused with a culture of sustainable living and closeness to nature.

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Our prizewinning restaurant will make your time with family and friends into a special occasion

Kodkod has been bringing quality local produce to your table since 2009. We go to great lengths to identify those providers that are positively managing their environment. From organic wines, to homegrown lettuce, our food is a celebration of freshness and abundance. We are open to the public during the summer months, and in winter by prior appointment.

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Intimate cabins for up to 5 or 6 people in the shade of the woods.

We have 3 fully equipped cabins, in quiet settings, surrounded by the woods. The cabins are ideal for getting away from the noise of the city. Each cabin has a bathroom with shower, beds and bedding for 5 or 7 persons, open plan kitchen, and wood stove heating. If required, we can make breakfast.

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Sustainable Tourism in Araucanía

We think it is important that tourism brings with it tangible benefits, not only for us and our clients, but also for the culture and people of this region, as well as our shared environment. We have certified our activities because we seek to offer a service that is coherent with our business values, helping to make the experience of your meeting participants deep and transformational.

Activities in Kodkod

We are participating in a new project to establish sustainable tourism in Araucanía

Sustainable Tourism for a restaurant means creating a quality experience with positive local impacts...by design.

First signs of spring in the vegetable gardens

As the earth starts to wake in anticipation of the new growing year, we are our planting to have a great selection of salads and potatoes ready for the summer season.

Our new Woodland Pavilion meeting hall is open

The round, nest-like interior of the Pavilion protects and inspires. This unique structure of natural wood and earth has excelente acoustic properties, wile its hardwood floor is perfect for all types of movement, such as yoga and dance. Complementing the low-tech structure, we have a full audiovisual system to meet all your presentation needs.

The park is a living classroom for children and adults alike

The woods are like a book, waiting to be read. Instead of the printed word, the trees speak to us in a language of their own, telling us of a world of light and dark, of green shoots and decaying old stumps. Of mosses and lichens and the myriad insects and arthropods that can be found from the deepest roots to the highest branches. It is a story which is at the same time both complex and supremely simple.

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