An Environment for Learning

The Woodland Pavilion is designed for participative education. Its 10m diameter is both cosy and spacious, with plenty of room to move around, dance or circulate.

A seminar in Kodkod is a seminar far away from the distractions of the city. Outside, native woodland; inside, we are accompanied by a circle of tree trunks...protected, inspired. The earth plaster, and natural wood surfaces provide excelent echo-free acoustics, and when required, there is a high quality audio visual system for music and video. The capacity of the Pavilion is for 30 people seated, though more can squeeze in if necessary, and there is additional space available for break-out groups, and coffee breaks in the large entrance hall and terrace.

We offer a full catering service for coffee breaks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant, which is sufficiently distant that noises of food preparation will not disturb the proceedings. Our service meets the standards of Smart Voyager Certification for Sustainable Tourism, reflecting our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. We will doo what we can to ensure that your meeting is optimised for carbon emissions and environmental impact, as well as being welcoming, fun and innovative for your participants.

Meet some animals

Culpeo fox

Probably the native mammal you are most likely to see around here. Look around carfully at sunrise or sunset, and you may be lucky. This one is a youngster.

Pudu deer

Another very hard to find animal... the pudu sticks to thick undergrowth, and has hearing much better than you or I..


If you see an animal swimming in the river, could be that it is a coipo, Chile's largest native rodent.


This flicker has found a new habitat to search for insects in.