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Simple food, locally produced, cooked well..

There are several reasons why we are able to offer such great-tasting food in our restaurant at Kodkod Meeting Place. Amongst these, probably the most important is that we use really fresh, simple ingredients, locally-produced.

Where possible, we grow the food ourselves in our own organic vegetable gardens, which in summer are filled with a bountiful supply of salad crops and potatos. We also avoid the products of intensive agriculture, in particular meat and eggs, and so you can be sure that the beef, fish and eggs that we do serve are of the highest quality - great tasting and high welfare.

Kodkod food is all about commitment to healthy living and healthy lifestyles, where our own health is as important as the health of our environment. Thus, we take many steps to reduce our environmental footprint - we cut down on "food miles", we precycle ( minimising packaging of our raw materials, and hence the generation of plastic waste, we choose returnable bottles, and recycle what cannot be reused. Importantly, we compost all our organic waste, so that the vital nutrients that it contains are returned to feed the soil. Living healthily and well includes having fun, and enjoying the pleasures of life. Potato chips, ice cream and beer are right up there among the secrets good living, and so we pay special attention to getting these special treats just right. Oh yes, and good music, preferably live, whenever we can. We do offer other dishes too, with an emphasis on traditional Chilean cooking, done well, quality meats, and a good vegetarian selection. Our restaurant is a great place to come for lunch or high tea with the family or friends, refresh yourself after a hike or a dip in the thermal spring, a drink or cocktail at sundown, or just to chill out and enjoy the peaceful woodland surroundings. Maybe you would like a traditional Chilean whole roast lamb ("asado al palo"), which we offer (with 24 hours notice) with all the trimmings, for groups over 10 people.

Whatever the occasion, Kodkod will be waiting for you with an experience unlike any other in Pucon.

Meet some of the animals


A flock of Slender-billed parakeets is quite a sight as they prepare for migration in the autumn.

Giant woodpecker

One of the great rewards for hiking up the hill to the Cañi Nature Sanctuary is to see a family of woodpeckers amongst the giant old trees.

Quique or Grison

This little carnivore is one of the mustelids, and related both to the skunks and the mink, which was recently introduced to this area.

Bandúrria or Buff-necked ibis

Always present, the ibis make their nests of branches in the old trees around Kodkod.