Meet the team behind Kodkod

The Founders

Jerry Laker and Pía Bustos, started Kodkod in 2010 with the idea to have a tourism business that brings benefits for the community and for the environment, and in which we can pursue our interests in wildlife ecology.

The Organizer

Verónica Zuleta is the one that keeps everything coordinated here. A qualified somelier and chef, Vero makes sure we keep to our high standards.

The Fixer

Sergio Tralma brings the diverse skills of the campesino to Kodkod. Born and bredin the Pichares Valley, Sergio knows the area inside out, and is always ready to share his passion for horses and gardening with our visitors.

The Head Cook

Keeping a cool head when the going gets tough in the kitchen, meet Maribel Saavedra, our multitalented cook.

Plan of the park

Our invitation to you

Kodkod Meeting Place has been created to help make positive connections. We believe that it is important for us to live not only within our economic means, but also within our ecological limits. Saving the planet is a process which starts in the way each of us organises our lives - our jobs, the things we eat, the things we value.

We have chosen the guiña, or kodkod cat to be our inspiration and symbol of our personal quest to live closer to Nature. The kodkod is the smallest of all the wild cats of this planet, and it is supremely adapted to its life in the forests of southern Chile. It is a top predator whose future existence depends on the choices that we make today about our lives and our society. Positive connections are those moments of clarity, when we see the elements of the world around us in balance: when the children are truly happy, not just entertained; when the food is good for the soul, not just the palette; when our surroundings are full with Life, and not just superficially attractive: when we laugh from the heart, and feel it. Here at Kodkod Meeting Place, we aim to create a living space for you to enjoy and feel part of. We hope to learn together with you about sustainable living – sourcing local food, saving energy, recycling - and also to create a healthy environment to meet friends and family, share a meal together, listen to music, go for a walk or just enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Feel welcome to join us.